ART DEPARTMENT- Army Public School, Barrackpore, designed to encourage every child  of the school to become actively engaged in the ART - as an art student or one who simply enjoys art. Art is the subject where we can collaborate to get more enjoyment. Students can refresh themselves through the colourful world.

Visual Arts is to the learners to become visually literate and expressive at a level consistent with their intellectual, emotional and physical development. It is a medium through which a child is able to express the imagination in a tangible form, using strokes and colours and thus this activity plays an important role in a child's growth process. Students learn the nuances of still life painting, landscape, water colour, oil and acrylic. Students are also exposed to folk art forms like the Patachitra and Madhubani . 


Creative Craft is an expression of the unique imagination of a child. Under this activity, children learn to make items like glass painting ,modelling with mount board,  soft toys, decorative cards, table lamp set 




Within a very short time students have learntand appreciated doinga lot of leaf painting.With the help of the same thing they have decorated -(a) greeting cards (b)large size leaf painting-to decorate of their study corner  (c)picture frame with leaf painting. Poster has been used here to make the leaf painting. To the reverse side of collected original leaf,colour has been applied and they have taken the impression of the leafon a dark coloured paper. Then one by one they have taken the impression of various colours. After completing the painting it has been pasted on another paper to make the cards.


This is not only the arrangement of some letters and words ,the students have learnt about the beautification of the letters and the words. It can grow in them the sense of beautification of their hand writing. Which is also used to embellish their projects.



This is a wonderful decorative item which can help to decorate the students study corner, It has been done with the waste bottle and multi coloured wools.  Firstly gum is applied on the surface of the bottle to wrap the coloured wool around. Then they have placed a bouquet of flowers to enhance its beauty. It can be used to lighten to aesthetic beauty of the class room. 


This is one of the project of S.U.P.W. It has been done by the students in a huge number .It has been done in various design, various colour and added various fragrance. This is one of the selling item on the eve of “ Diwali” in the DIWALI MELA. Students have collected the wax from the market and after melting the wax,molded itnto the different types of dolls.


This is also another selling item on the eve of “ Diwali” in the DIWALI MELA. Students have collected the terracotta Diya from the market and after that it has been decorated with  poster colour in various design.


Students have studied the ‘still life’ with various medium like pencil stroke, water colour etc. Through the‘ still life’ study the sense of drawing and composition from original things have been learnt by the students.


This is one of very useful thing in our daily life. Using different type of colourful handmade paper, students have done the paper bags. It can be used to gift someone the cards and flowers and some gift item. Some bagshave been decorated with beautiful paper crafts on it.


Collage is a very interesting medium of art .It has been done by the students. Here they have learnt about the textures,  colour distribution and thematic concept .


Poster is one form of advertisement. Students have learnt how to make an advertisement more interesting. It has resulted in the growth of their creative sense so that they can present the product  in an imaginative and interesting  manner.




Quelling is an interesting medium to all. Our beloved students have done lots of cards with this medium, even they have been decorated the cover pages of their project files.


This is one kind of pasta. Our students have done some interesting ornaments with microni.




A workshop was conducted in our school on 3D printing technology. Our students have learnt a lot and gathered the knowledge on 3D Print printing technology.




Clay Modelling is taught from the Secondary level and is a perennial favourite of the children. The tactile, hands-on nature of this activity makes it engrossing for all age groups and also offers scope for a high degree of creativity. Using chemical clay  the students of our school enjoy to learn to make decorative photo-frame, object or figurative work.


(1)  Mr. Ramratan Das  (M.V.A.-with 1st class)-  Specialised in PAINTING

(2)  Mr.Rajib Das           (B.V.A.-with 1st class)-  Specialised in SCULPTURE


In our Art classes the focus is on colour; on creating rich, luminous, glowing colour. However we will work and demonstrate in watercolour, and we will be working  through –(1)Transperent water colour technique  (2) Opeche watter colour technique . Often colors cannot be matched to what is seen in nature or a photo, the luminousity gets lost. To recreating this vibrant colour, most of them surprisingly simple. You will learn how to work with the colour to create those wonderful watery effects: wet into wet, scumbling, glazing... and more) 


Paper Paintings is an Art work in which students are taught a unique collage technique. will learn to make a beautiful palette of colors with various papers and create an under-painting and collage with paper for a final finish. Working with photographic reference, students will explore drawing, composition, proportion, value, color and collage application. Emphasis will be on developing form using light and shadow, just like in traditional painting techniques. No prior collage experience is necessary. Some painting would be helpful, but not imperative


If the student wishes to continue on to creating an actual exhibition they will be guided in the other side of the artist’s life – presentation

Drawing Without Fear

Taught with patience, humor, and the practical goal that you will be able to enjoy drawing for the rest of your life, this course is designed for absolute beginners and those who wish to refresh their drawing skills. Guiding you toward your own personal style, the class explores five key techniques of drawing and different ways they can be creatively combined. Using time honored teaching methods, one on one instruction and demonstration, drawing will be demystified, making it easy.