The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are furnished with adequate equipments that enable the budding stalwarts conduct the experiments with active participation. The school also boasts of a well-equipped Mathematics laboratory and an SST laboratory.



“Learning is implementing theories to practical field”

Army Public School, Barrackpore is enriched with senior labs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and lab facilities for middle school as well. The students are enthusiastic & keen to experiment observe and correlate their learning concepts to practical implementations. Our labs are based on all the experiments covering up the CBSE curriculum and is upgraded to the changes in curriculum. They are well equipped and consists of adequate safety measures that are essential during its conduct.


            We make learners explore the truth with a scientific bent of mind. KNOWLEDGE IS HOW ONE APPLIES IT , THE THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE BEGINS……………….



There is a well equipped Maths Lab in Army Public School Barrackpore abiding by CBSE guideline and NCERT curriculum the lab was established in the year 2006. The Maths lab has facilitated the motto of learning by doing in the context of the present scenario. Vis a vis the present scenario. Learning through activities method is followed where ever it is applicable. Keeping in mind the interest of the students, the practicality of the subject and the demands of the real life situation the journey started. Some instrument were made manually and some were bought. Students are given project work from time to time. Students make models of geometry bar graphs, Pie-chart and tables related to statistical data etc. Teachers use different geometrical models and instruments for enhancing the pedagogical session. Some instruments are given below

1.Rain Guags.

2. Big Scale(T)

3. Calculator

4. Measuring Cylinder

5. Measuring Tape

6. Different shapes of Triangles

7. Abacus Board

8. Height & Distance Stand

9. Different models of cylinder.

10. Circular Plates


11 Graphical Board



Humanities & Social Sciences infuse fresh air into the world of education by helping the learners develop a strong faculty to critically engage with society

It is surveyed that children learn better and their cognitive learning is increased through projects and experiments. Our school has a well-equipped Social Science Lab. to ensure that the learners achieve much more by understanding themselves and by understanding the environment better.

 The Social Science Lab provides the learners lots of options and ways which can make the subjects interesting. It includes:

  •        Topographical Maps
  •         Geometry Box
  •         Globe
  •         2-D models
  •         Maps & Charts
  •         Working/ 3-D models prepared by the learners


The Social Science Lab. has several 2 dimensional geographical models such as ‘river action’, ‘Solar System’, etc that ensures that  the intrinsic motivation of the learners becomes optimum.

Besides, a number of historical, political maps such as ‘Rise & Fall of Mughal Empire’, ’Indus Valley Civilization’, ’Rise of British Empire’, etc as well as geographical & political Charts such as ‘Distribution of Mineral Resource’, ‘Transport & Communication’etc, are available that are frequently used as resources/teaching aids by the Social Science faculty during the teaching-learning sessions.


Our well-equipped Social Science Lab. helps in lessening the monotony of the subjects which the learners might feel.



Army Public School, Barrackpore has three computer labs in each of the three large buildings. The middle wing lab consists of 20 computers, the TCT lab consists of 34 computers and the primary lab comprises of 15 computers. In addition to this there is a language lab comprising 40 computers.


The school also has four audio-visual rooms dedicated solely o the process of Computer aided learning. These four AV rooms are available in Middle Wing, Primary Wing, Senior Block and the building comprising the Teachers’ Resource Centre(TRC).