“ Faith is the bird that feels the light and

Sings when the dawn is still dark”.

- Rabindranath Tagore



There is a growing apprehension that with the increasing attention on improving academic achievement, Schools may be falling behind in fostering the basic skills required in a collaborative 21st century environment. To create a just and fair world, the onus lies on us to create societies on a microcosmic level that value reason, develop the young minds and their innate critical capacities, give a push to their potential to think within alternative view points and learn to go beyond narrow confines of standardized patterns.

It is not delusion but a burgeoning conviction that we, the 21st century educators have an immense potential to create world class students. We can teach students so many things e.g. technology, wikis, blogging, digital citizenship, information literacy, virtual worlds et al and yet if we fail to teach them the reality of loving themselves, their ability to accomplish great things and follow their dreams, the need for each of us to be an angel of kindness, we are avoiding the outcomes that transcend learning and yet are enmeshed in the process of learning.

I am reminded of a song : “ lonely the path you have chosen / A restless road, no turning back / One day you will find your light again ……” that reverberates in the innermost recesses of my heart for in teaching never are you more surrounded by other people and yet so alone. Your classroom is your domain, your place and yet your place is a different role than the others in it. All cutting – edge research said and done, the questions still loom large – who is proficient? What are the yardsticks of proficiency? How can those levels of proficiency be increased?

It is time for all of us to realise that we have to stop limiting child-guided activities in classrooms and create more and more avenues for the vivacious delights to harness their potential and creativity. Our newly fledged School website humbly essays our multi-farious aims and aspirations and cradles al the stakeholders of the institution – our authorities, our mentors, our well-wishers, our parental community and our dearest learners with a common perspective. It is this familial bondage that will lead us from strength to strength. Let us all journey together to approximate the aims of the humanity.


May divine benedictions enrich the world!




(Mrs Sangeeta Basu Roy)


Army Public School Barrackpore