Army public school barrackpore community enjoys the prerogative of brushing shoulders with mr barry o’ brien


30th Aug 2017 pronounced jollity and enthusiasm for Army Public School Barrackpore with the mesmerizing and inspirational words of Mr Barry O’ Brien resonating vibrance and vitality, A virtuoso in his own right, Mr Barry O’ Brien swayed the promising souls of the senior-secondary segment with the magical dynamism of his words and presence, Gifted with an exceptional sense of humour, Barry Sir touched upon the core areas of life by transmitting the know-how of achieving excellence. Following the session with the students, the teachers cherished the pearls of wisdom encompassing all areas of the life and professional commitments of a teacher.


Starting from the tenets of public speaking, considering teaching-bearing session a performance, using humour as a tool to infusing creativity in regular teaching and life- the session proceeded to leave an indelible mark on the adult minds as well. The day will be etched in the insignia of the institution as a memorable day.