APS Barrackpore celebrated English week from 23 April 2018 to 27 April 2018 with the theme ‘Knowing the Bard- A voyage to the world of William Shakespeare’ that brought alive the creative legacy and universal significance of William Shakespeare. The week witnessed the students of all levels celebrating the work of the greatest playwright of all times. The actual date of birth of Shakespeare remains unknown but is traditionally observed on 23 April. The date 23 April has another significance as the World Book Day, a yearly event organised by the UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. The inaugural day witnessed a special assembly that set the tone for the week with an enactment of the ‘Seven Ages of Man’. The students of the primary section were acquainted with Shakespeare through animated versions of Shakespeare’s stories, powerpoint presentations on Shakespeare’s childhood, life and works created by the students of the Middle School. The toddlers created beautiful bookmarks, summaries of Shakesperean plays with illustrations, scrap books on Shakesperean Characters and dialogues with cartoons and went through spelling exercises on Shakesperean titles and characters. The students of Middle School exhibited their enthusiasm by creating powerpoint presentations, paraphrasing Shakesperean dialogues in modern day English, compilations of Shakesperean insults, diary entries on Shakesperean plots with their perception of the thematic relevance in real life and explored History of the Elizabethan era, the social classes, economy, science and other famous writers of the period. The students of the Secondary and Senior-Secondary segments penned their abridged scripts on Shakespearean plays, composed their own sonnets based on the Shakesperean structure, explored Life Skills by relating Shakesperean works with the 21st Century and researched on Shakesperean diction, genres and relevant literary terms vis-à-vis honing their presentation skills through thoughtful powerpoint presentations. Dressed as Prospero and Ariel, the characters from the play ‘The Tempest’, language ambassadors of each class went around explaining the sanctity of English Language among their peers. Aesthic acumen also found expression through creation of models of Globe Theatre, painting of T-shirts with the motifs being Shakespeare and his characters. A taste of Shakespeare is often enough to ignite a thirst for further exploration and in this respect the joy-de-vivre of English week had a positive impact on the impressionable minds.