“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”

APS Barrackpore stands miles ahead when it comes to enriching the young learners. The pristine presence of Mrs. Seema Dasgupta, a veteran English teacher and an acclaimed resource person of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan family illuminated the girth of APS Barrackpore with a workshop on the importance of Book Reading and its influence on modern learners. The programme was held for the learners of class 12 on 18th July, 2018.

On the same note on 20th July, 2018, a book reading session was held for all the three wings – the primary , the secondary and the senior secondary  in the course of the zero period. It looked forward to inculcate ‘read to self’ and ‘listen to reading’ amongst the students who were distributed into four groups. This session adopted tactics like ‘think aloud technique’. The teacher-in-charge for the second group gave an introduction to a familiar text/book which was followed by silent reading by the students. Later, students wrote an abstract. The next group followed a ‘skill-based’ reading strategy. A theme from the day’s newsprint was familiarized. A group discussion was held. This was believed to instill leadership and inter-personal skills amongst the learners.

Book Fair

“I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use the power the greater it will be.”- Thomas Jefferson

On 21st July, 2018, Saturday, Army Public School Barrackpore organized a book fare at the school auditorium. This fare looked forward to incorporating book reading among the young readers and also the one taking up recent interest in reading. It had a children’s corner tailored to fit in with the young imaginative minds. It had a section with the latest books up in the market. The agenda of the fare was to feed imagination and to facilitate vocabulary of the readers. The fare was thoroughly enjoyed and we look forward to many more such events.